Behind the Scenes

Unique life experiences


Sankofa specializes in offering once in a lifetime experiences that will create lasting memories.

Open your hearts and minds to the possibilities of time travel and creating an all inclusive future.

Sankofa is born!



Thanks to a 2019 People’s Liberty Globe grant, The Sankofa Experience was born.

The Sankofa Experience is an interactive, immersive art installation powered by imagination, amazing musical performances and art chocked environments designed to inspire visitors of all ages.

This unique art experience unfolds through audience participation and exploration. Attendees may come dressed in character or check out clothing of the era and assume the role of 21st century time travelers. 

Through scavenger hunts and docent interaction attendees are tasked with retrieving lost culture and art legacies while visiting watershed moments in African American arts movements.

Jennie Wright, Chief Imagination Officer

Jennie Wright

Jennie Wright, Chief Imagination Officer of Sankofa strives to create unique, immersive arts experiences that honor the artistic and cultural legacies of those that came before us and those still to come.